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How to get a job within the civil society sector? (Yangon)

Hi all,

My name is Angelika and I am a Swedish citizen currently living in Stockholm, although I am working voluntarily with issues related to Burma. I have worked abroad with Burmese exile and migrant groups for seven months and I have also conducted a desk study about Burma's history, recent political development (or, 'development') and youth organisations... I've been to Yangon once and to Myawaddy four times, and I might go to Yangon once again this autumn, in order to conduct some research on censorship, which will later be incorporated in a chapter in a coming, political anthology for a Swedish audience.

However, I find it hard to find suitable jobs in Yangon which I can apply for. I therefore want to take part of your best tips and advice, when looking for a job in the civil society of Yangon (other cities and towns in Burma are also of interest, as well as jobs based in Yangon but with regular field trips to other parts of the country). My main areas of interest are human rights, SRHR (sexual and reproductive health and rights), LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intergender, queer) rights and issues, women's/gender issues, youths, education, development and poverty eradication... but I would be open to work with any areas of work and in any organisation which has morally acceptable aims and working methods.

Human Rights is my major and I have worked with several CSOs before, especially with women and girls - however, I guess I would still be classified as a 'junior'. I don't speak Burmese yet, but I am willing to learn, and I wouldn't mind to work under stressful conditions or in a difficult work environment, e.g. in a conflict zone or with psychosocial job tasks. I have several contacts within the democracy and the student movement, as well as in different types of organisations inside Burma and in the Burma Diaspora; however, I am still not able to find a paid job related to Burma (and I must emphasize that I am not interested in 'advancing in my career' or 'making money'; rather, I am only looking for an opportunity to survive economically while at the same time contributing to something bigger than myself and doing something I believe in and support whole-heartedly.)

Any advice would be of great help! Please comment on this thread or send me an email to Protected content . Many thanks in advance!

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