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Asylum seekers' children in Zug

Dear Friends,

I take the liberty to inform you about a project I am working on, organizing with the help of a group of volunteers, the 7th Holiday Party for the Children of the Asylum Seekers of the Canton of Zug. You may be interested to sponsor a child for this once a year event. Our newsletter tells you how and why we need your help this year.
Thanking you in advance for your time and interest,
Friendly regards

Adrienne Papanek
on behalf of CommunityLinks

This year we will take care of Protected content , a huge increased compared to the previous years, in regard to the news is not so surprising. Among the Children, 20 of them ,from 8 to 16 years old, are here, without any parent nor family.
The main group of children, (age ranges from new born to 16 years old) will attend the party with their parents.

The Party is scheduled for the 7 th of December :
room is reserved at the GutHirth Church; the Ladies from the gift committee are working on buying gifts ; a bunch of our children are brainstorming and preparing entertainments for the Asylum Seekers Children, highschoolers just signed up to help with wrapping up the gifts ... To fill up the gifts and drinks, we are almost there !

However, due to the huge number of Children, we are a little short in our previsional budget , so we would like to ask you if you have not done it yet, to consider sponsoring a gift for a child with a donation of 30 to 50 CHF.

We all know as international families that it is not easy to settle in a new country, learn a new language and culture. The Asylum Seekers` Children had, on top of that, to face the uncertainty of the journey, and the harsh conditions back home.

So by sponsoring a child, you give them the opportunity to receive a gift , spend a very nice festive evening and start building happy memories.

There are many ways to help : a donation on our bank account or signing up to help on the 7th of December :

Our bank account is active,
UBS CommunityLinks
IBAN CH Protected content

We have set up a Sign up sheet to find volunteers to help on the night by providing Food or with other tasks. Protected content

For those of you who are new to this project, let me explain how it started . This idea of organizing a Holiday , End of Year Party for the Asylum Seekers` Children was brought up a few years ago in Protected content , by a group of expat families, in order to give back to the Community where we live in peace and security and since 7 years , CommunityLinks, registered formally in Protected content a non-profit Association, is active organizing the Holiday Festive Party with gifts and entertainment for the Children.

We cannot do anything without your support !
Your help would be very much appreciated

Thanking you in advance on behalf of CommunityLinks and the Children,
Friendly regards,

Feel free to spread the word among your friends!

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