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Andrey Vasilyev
"I was able to connect with other expats in Zurich who enjoy cycling as much as I do and organize weekly rides."
Elin Gustavson
"At the first InterNations event that I attended, I met my wonderful partner. We now live together in a flat next to the Limmat."

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Welcome to our international community here in Zug — willkommen, bienvenue, accoglienza! That's right, Switzerland is a multilingual nation bordering Germany, France, Italy, and Austria, with Zug sitting in the north-east, close to Zurich. InterNations is here to help you with your transition to life in the Alps, with a host of friendly expats ready to share their lives and experiences — where the best English-speaking dentist can be found, how much you should really be paying for an apartment, and much more. We aim to support you as you adapt to the local way of doing things, as well as make it easy for you to connect with fellow global minds.

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  • Moving to Zug

    Moving to Zug is a highly attractive prospect, with a perfect mix of business and career opportunities all located in a beautiful Swiss mountain setting. Find out more about moving to this quiet town in this article, from visas to accommodation.
  • Living in Zug

    Zug is a German-speaking town in the heart of Switzerland, nestled around a picturesque lake and surrounded by snow-topped mountains. It has all the hallmarks of a quiet Swiss town, but with the added bonus of a thriving economy, which makes living in Zug a highly attractive prospect.
  • Working in Zug

    Zug is a magnet for expatriates and highly skilled individuals, because of its favorable tax rate. If you are an expat planning on working in Zug,read up about the local economy, job opportunities, job hunting and other useful expat advice in this article!

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Getting to Know Zug, the Expat Way

From the outside, Zug appears to be little more than a pretty lakeside town with a history of fishing. In fact, the city of Zug is a financial and trading center of national and international fame and has even been described as "a compass of the global economy". Due to its low-tax policies, it also hosts the headquarters of several multinational companies, as well as up to 30,000 other companies, large and small. This is what draws the majority of expats to the city — the international expat community makes up approximately 20% of the population. The jobs available are usually highly skilled and learning German (the official language) and Swiss German (for informal occasions) will certainly put you at an advantage and make it easier to settle into the country. The population of Zug is just 28,000 and the many upsides of a small community in the Alps are obvious — great hiking and biking trails, boating, sailing and swimming in Lake Zug, local markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and Zug's most famous export — Kirschen!

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All the information you need to thrive in Switzerland is right here in the Zug Community on InterNations. Whether you're looking for a housemate, a language tandem, or simply some info on Swiss visas, you'll find it in the forums or our expat guide articles. For face to face time with experienced expats in Zug then attend our official events or get involved in one of our InterNations Groups — whether you're interested in professional networking or winter sports, there's plenty to see and do here. Membership is by approval only and all members are asked to abide by our community guidelines so feel at ease when you join an event — or create one of your own group!

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