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Sean Henderson

Living in Berlin, from Canada

"The good thing about InterNations is that I got to know the expat community in Berlin as well as internationally minded locals."

Anna Maria Osario

Living in Berlin, from Argentina

"Through InterNations I met so many other Argentinean expats in Berlin, which made the transition period really easy for me."

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Welcome to the Berlin Community for expatriates!

Guten tag and we hope you enjoy your stay in Berlin! If you are new in town (or in the country) you’ve reached the right place. There is a large and thriving community of expatriates in the German capital that’s just waiting to be explored.

Built to cater to expat needs, InterNations provides everything you’ll require to move abroad and settle in easily once you’ve already arrived in Berlin. Both online and offline, our community is here to take the hassle out of relocation. You can build connections with fellow expats in a secure environment, find well-informed answers to questions about life in Berlin and meet other global minds in person at one of our numerous first-class events.

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Get trustworthy and authentic advice from fellow members about all aspects of expat life in Berlin.

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Attend our monthly events and activities for Berlin expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life.

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Make the most of your Berlin expat life

Over a decade ago, a former mayor of Berlin famously coined the phrase “poor, but sexy” to advertise the city’s appeal to creative people around the world. As things stand today, it’s safe to say the ad worked. The capital's 3.5 million inhabitants – many of whom qualify as expats – make Berlin the second most populous city -proper in Europe. Yet Berlin is also known as a city of contrasts. Nicknames such as the “Venice of the North” and “Europe’s start-up capital” hint at the variety of scenes and attractions you’ll find here.

Shopping lovers will also be able to entertain their hobby at luxurious venues such as those along the imposing street of Kurfürstendamm. Last but not least, folk festivals take place every autumn to celebrate the Tag der Deutschen Einheit – a unique chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and society.

Tapping into the resources put forward by InterNations ensures that you will make the most of your time in Berlin. Our members have already encountered many of the issues and dilemmas you are faced with as a new arrival. They are consequently in a good position to answer any questions you may have, from “Which are the best start-ups in Berlin?” to “Where can I buy a cat?”

Become part of our Berlin expat community

There are many ways of participating in our community. With members hailing from places as diverse as China, Greece, the UK or Venezuela, InterNations has come to represent the heart of international activity within Berlin. You will soon be dazzled by the high number of diverse expats spread across the German capital.

Our network enables you to connect with as many of them as possible, both online and face to face. Starting from online forums and all the way to real-life events going on in Berlin on a weekly basis, the opportunities for connecting with global minds are more numerous than ever. You can also use InterNations to join trips to famous German landmarks around Berlin, or simply organize them yourself.

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Planning a stroll through Germany's capital? Better check what kind of weather St. Peter has up his sleeve. For up-to-date weather forecasts, see

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