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Servus and welcome to our community for Augsburg expats! If you're embarking on your dream life in the beautiful, Bavarian city of Augsburg, why not ask for a helping hand from our friendly InterNations Community? Your journey begins here, when you contact our expats who, already living their dreams, are on hand to assist your relocation with help and advice. As part of a global community, with members from around the world in around 390 locations worldwide, our expats in Augsburg can offer a wealth of advice, based on their personal experience, as you start your new life.

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  • Moving to Augsburg

    Whether you are a student moving to Augsburg for your studies, or a professional seeking a job opportunity, you will soon find out that the city is in any case suitable and it has a lot to offer to anyone: find out more in this guide!
  • Living in Augsburg

    Living in Augsburg offers the advantages of a livable and tight-knit city, still boasting of a vibrant cultural scene, a thriving nightlife, and high-quality services. Augsburg is a relatively small city, but it is just at a stone’s throw of the cosmopolitan Munich with its famous Oktoberfest.
  • Working in Augsburg

    The economy in Augsburg is thriving; the city has recently become an industrial center, where high-skilled professionals and technicians are in high demand. Find out what opportunities the local job market can offer to expats hoping to start working in Augsburg and read up on administrative issues.

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Get to Know Augsburg and What It Offers for Expats

Founded by the Romans, the university city of Augsburg is one of Germany's most beautiful locations, steeped in history and culture, but also boasting modern facilities and entertainment; there's something for all tastes. Its many attractions include the Augsburger Puppenkiste marionette theater, the cathedral, Renaissance City Hall (dating back to 1615), and Perlach Tower, offering a panoramic view of the city. Augsburg benefits from the historic Fuggerei social housing complex and also has an abundance of restaurants, offering fare including Swabian specialities, a medieval feast, international cuisine, and Japanese food, to name but a few. It has a buoyant economy; it is renowned as a high-tech industrial city, especially regarding the transportation, aeronautics, and printing industries.

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Find out all you need to know by connecting and communicating with fellow expats in Augsburg through InterNations, where members respect our principles of trust, friendly and polite behavior, and open communication. Network with like-minded expats in a safe, secure environment, to find out anything you need to know about local life, from where to dine out to the education system. You can also meet up with other expats face-to-face by joining any of the many groups based on your own hobbies and interests. Whether you fancy a trip to the Schaezler Palace, Germany's Baroque gallery housing paintings by the Old Masters, the Botanical Gardens, or even the Olympic canoe slalom track, there's something for everyone! Come to our larger social events open to the entire community to meet fascinating international people from countries around the world.

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