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Employment in Aarhus

Local Economy

Denmark is ranked as one of the world’s most attractive countries for foreign investment and business. Aarhus is one of Denmark’s primary business hubs, with significant growth and international companies. Sectors of significant strength within Aarhus’s business environment include ICT, food, architecture, and design; business activities in the region are primarily service based, though Aarhus also boasts the country’s main industrial port. The local authorities also aim to provide help to businesses in order to encourage growth in the area.

The local economy is heavily influenced by the institutions of higher education. The University Hospital is a prime example, as it is one of the country’s most specialized medical centers. As in many European university cities, it is common for researchers to work hand in hand with a company in order to maximize their access to resources, and ensure that there are mutual benefits.

Job Hunting in Aarhus

There are several useful websites for job hunting in Aarhus. Assuming that you don’t speak Danish (yet), you are likely to struggle with Jobnet, the job center’s online presence. Fortunately, there are a number of options available to foreigners, with Work in Denmark at the forefront. Work in Denmark is the official international online portal for finding work in Denmark. Due to Aarhus’s international standing, Work in Denmark has offices in the area, from which you can seek information and guidance on your search for employment and the recruitment process. You may also find Eures to be useful, as it provides further information for international jobseekers.

Another more general useful resource is New to Denmark website, which has the sole purpose of providing help to foreigners who are new to living in the country. The ‘Work’ section of the website includes information on all the special schemes that may be relevant to expats seeking employment in the Aarhus area. Essentially, whether or not you can obtain a work permit and residence in the country will depend on your qualifications.

Income Taxation in Aarhus

Denmark is a welfare state. From a taxation perspective, this means that people living in Denmark pay taxes to ensure that those who could not otherwise afford essential services, such as healthcare and education, are provided for. Though income tax is high in Denmark, salaries are also high, and personal budgets are not stretched by the aforementioned essential services, as they are available free for everyone. Lower rates are offered to entice highly qualified key professionals and essential researchers.

When you start working in Denmark, it is important that you immediately apply for a tax card. Applications should be made through SKAT, the Danish tax authority. SKAT also offers a handy guide to tax in Denmark for non-Danish speakers, which can be found on the Skat website.

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  • Jürgen Hofmeister

    The various InterNations activities for expats in Copenhagen made me feel welcome immediately.

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