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5 Rooms for ladies in gorgeous Khalifa B Villa! (Abu Dhabi)

I finally found my dream house! But unfortunately it is 6 rooms, and I am but one person. Even more unfortunately, the Emirati landlord says mixed genders are a no no. So, if you are a lady with a car looking for a gorgeous house to live in which includes a pool, gym, and gardening opportunities, please email me stat and we will get a time set up for you to come see the place! Details are as follows, please see the link at the end of this post for pictures.

Cost: AED190,000/year (number of payments negotiable, will most likely be two)
Rooms: 6 rooms: 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large, all have attached bathrooms.

Cost/Room - because the room sizes are so varied I thought it would only be fair to divide rent as follows (recall that even if you have a small room you have your own bathroom, a pool, a gym, a huge house etc.)

Small rooms: AED 28,333/year
Medium Rooms: AED 31,667/year
Large Rooms: AED 35,000/year
(I created these rents, not the landlord, they just all need to add up to 190,000/year so its negotiable)

I have claimed a large room for myself, so the rest are available.

According to the simsar the landlord is all cool and lived in the US for a long time, so there's nothing weird with swimming in a two piece, tanning etc. I didn't ask about alcohol, but if I want a cold one by the pool I will pour it in a Solo cup if necessary.

If you wondering how this could all be true, how such an amazing paradise at such a low price is available, just google Khalifa B on google maps. But if you're like me and don't care about being 20 minutes from downtown, then you will jump on this amazingly awesome deal. Did I mention the place comes with two large fridges, and all appliances already? Including a dishwasher? I haven't found anything even remotely like this place anywhere else, and I've been hunting for over a month.

We only have limited messaging on internations so if you're interested please email me here: Protected content

link to pictures: Protected content

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