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company lease or self? (Abu Dhabi)

Hi there,

I'd love some advice about the process of signing a lease, paperwork requirements, security deposits, and rent payment process in Abu Dhabi.

I've accepted a job with a company in Abu Dhabi that provides the housing directly. They have arrangements with specific buildings (i.e. Etihad Towers) where they place employees and directly take care of all of the arrangements.

I have the option of either choosing from the limited pool of company leased flats or I can arrange for a place on my own.

If I arrange for a place on my own, there are a few benefits: I can choose anything I want, and I can keep the difference between the large rental allowance and the actual rent. But, on the negative side, I'm on my own to take care of all paperwork, payments, etc.

Would be great if you could share your thoughts on the complexities, pros / cons of accepting a company flat vs. doing it on my own.


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