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  • Pascal Tremblay

    The Alexandria community is like a big expat family, everyone is willing to help. This made us feel comfortable in Egypt very quickly.

Employment in Alexandria

Alexandria does not have a large industrial section, due to the main interest in the city being in tourism. However, anyone looking to work in Alexandria will find options available, and it is a vibrant city where expatriates can enjoy rich cultures whilst working.

Local Economy 

While Alexandria is mainly known for tourism due to the historical landmarks and famous ruins of the city, there is work to be found for expats in a number of industries. Alexandria is the major port city for Egypt, with related import and export businesses, whilst the country also lies directly on pipelines for oil and gas from Suez with the gas industry in particular being popular with expatriates.

The other popular option for working in Alexandria as an expatriate is teaching, with a multitude of international schools operating in various languages alongside other requirements for tutors in English, French, German and more. Salaries are reasonable but not as competitive as other major cities, such as Cairo.

Job Hunting in Alexandria

Looking for jobs in Alexandria can be quite tricky. Few reliable job websites exist, so any expatriates that don’t have employment lined up before moving to Alexandria should take this into consideration. The best to use for anyone determined to search online is, a website dedicated to Middle East job searches.

There are numerous labor bureaus, which are excellent for both locals and expats who want to find a job. Alternatively, work can be found in local newspapers, but these are in the Arabic language. It is certainly easier to find work whilst already living in the city, but work permit applications can mean this is not possible for expatriates.

Work Permits for Alexandria 

It is highly recommended that expatriates have their employment lined up in advance, as the process of applying for a work permit can be arduous and may take up to six months. Even then they are only valid for one year, but renewals can be carried out by employers. Before even applying for a work permit, applicants are required to receive approval from the State Security Service and must also pass a health check, which will include tests for HIV.

Once these have been gained the process can begin, either by applying in person at the Ministry of Manpower and Training Office in Cairo, or through an employer. It is also important to note that one of the requirements in the work permit application is a letter from employers detailing why it was necessary to hire a foreign worker over a native Egyptian, and a registration fee is also required to be paid by the employee.

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  • Pascal Tremblay

    The Alexandria community is like a big expat family, everyone is willing to help. This made us feel comfortable in Egypt very quickly.

  • Marie Troisonne

    Via the InterNations forum we've finally managed to find a French-speaking domestic help here in Alexandria.

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