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Wanted: Donating Friends for a Sportsclub (Amsterdam)


Dear Friends,

I am currently designing and founding a lacrosse sports club in Eindhoven. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport worldwide and at the time of launch our club will be the 14th in The Netherlands, but the only one in the Eindhoven region.

It is going very well. A first clinic was given to 14 people happened to be a good test to saturday april 11th, which we were hosting a grand tournament with 12 teams and approx. 90 players, a BBQ and an afterparty. In addition, 4 clinics are scheduled for next month and current communication with a high school who would like a high school team.

Ofcourse, like any other clubs the finances is a big issue. But unlike many other clubs that only work with sponsors that usually require big sums of money, our club will also have a Friends Circle. Friends that want to support our club and our members by giving them the opportunity to play, instead of on the sideline because we can't lent them play material due budget reason. Friends that do not have a big sum of money to donate.

With this being said, I would like to share all you that we are looking for people that are willing to give us a donation. A minimum of €5 would be nice. All donating friends will be mentioned on the website (unless you want to remain private).

Our website is still under construction but already online with the latest news:
Protected content . Have a look and enjoy!

We are looking forward to welcome new friends!

Best wishes,

Rinaldi Djohor
Main Founder

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