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Peter B. Krehmer
"Using the InterNations network in Yerevan helped us find a French speaking au pair for our children."
Sophie Ackers
"The groups on InterNations helped me make connections with other expats before my official move to Yerevan."

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Bari galu'st, and welcome to Armenia! The InterNations network is here to help you to get the best out of your new life in this majestic Eurasian nation. Many expats living and working in Armenia have used our platform to make connections (both online and face-to-face), trade advice and recommendations and find the answers to a host of important questions, such as the best districts to find property in Yerevan, the availability of healthcare and international schools, and what to expect from Armenian business customs. You should also feel free to share your own experiences of Armenian life by participating in our forums or writing an article for our Expat Magazine. A vibrant and lively country with beautiful natural landscapes and a rich tradition of hospitality, Armenia has plenty to offer for expats seeking to reconnect with their ethnic roots, take advantage of an open and relatively straightforward business culture or simply explore new adventures in a historic and rapidly developing country.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to check out our vibrant InterNations Communities in countries like India or Costa Rica.

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  • Moving to Armenia

    Moving to Armenia is a multifaceted experience: the country boasts of some unspoiled rural areas as well as cosmopolitan cities with modern services and infrastructures, always offering a welcoming and easy-going atmosphere. Read up on the land, its people, the climate and more in this guide.
  • Living in Armenia

    Armenia managed to recover from a complicated history and to turn its tumultuous past into a thriving present: living in Armenia means immersing yourself in a place full of memories but heading up to the future, and it is therefore an enriching and unique experience.
  • Working in Armenia

    Armenia boasts of a steadily growing and diversified economy, with somewhat of a predominance in the service sectors: the job market reflects this development and it is nowadays largely open to expats. So get prepared and find out more about the local economy, as well as work permits and taxation!

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How Is Life as an Expat in Armenia?

With cultural links that stretch all over the world, Armenia is a small country with a big personality. Since achieving independence from the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Armenia has taken advantage of its unique position at the crossroads of Europe and Western Asia to become a thriving hub for business and tourism. Despite economic struggles, the country has seen major development and regeneration in recent decades, particularly in the capital of Yerevan where glittering hotels and imposing tower blocks sit side-by-side with ancient monasteries and traditional churches. Outside the cities you'll find charming rustic villages, glistening lakes and breathtaking mountain ranges. A relatively easy nation in which to invest and do business, Armenia's major industries include mining and metallurgy, food production and manufacturing, plus a growing tourist industry and increased opportunities to invest in property development and telecommunications. There are some challenges to life in Armenia — not least the frosty relations and closed borders between neighboring Azerbaijan and Turkey — but on the whole this is a welcoming and entrepreneurial country whose people have great respect for the past, but are looking firmly towards the future.

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A truly global network with communities in all corners of the world, InterNations is dedicated to the fundamental principles of honesty, respect and ethical behavior. Our members are encouraged to share advice, recommendations and experiences in a safe and secure environment of like-minded fellow expats. Whatever questions you might have about expat living in Armenia, you'll find the answers here. You might be looking for a translation service for your business, exploring property investment opportunities in Yerevan, or seeking financial advice from somebody familiar with Armenian legal matters and business customs, or you could be expanding your social horizons by joining a language class, arranging a hiking trip or simply meeting fellow expats for a coffee and some of Armenia's famous local cuisine. At InterNations we regularly organize special networking events where you can mingle with fellow expats in an attractive local venue. Join now to find dates for upcoming events and start building your international network.

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Peter B. Krehmer
"Using the InterNations network in Yerevan helped us find a French speaking au pair for our children."
Sophie Ackers
"The groups on InterNations helped me make connections with other expats before my official move to Yerevan."

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