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help!! work!! advice!! (Atlanta)


Hi everyone, please would it be possible to find out how in heaven's name I can actually get a job within Atlanta where they sponsor my role.
1. I have tried to apply for my masters, but was told that I need a substantial amount of finances to show I can support myself. I am 30+, with 3 children. Graduate, working full time and run my own business.
2. I have also tried to come on a J1 but although I look 21 ;) I can not apply for this as I am slightly over their designated ages.
3. It only leaves it down to marriage, but I do not want that to be any form of option.

I want to come and work in ATL but am finding it so incredibly hard to find a willing sponsor.

Please, would somebody, anybody be able to shed some form of light as to how this would be possible.

Thank you so much and I hope someone, somewhere can provide me with any 'real' help.

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