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Canada Visa assistance and all (Bangkok)

Canadian Visa for Thai Spouse

Visa to Canada
A Canadian spouse visa is one of the two types of visa issued by Canadian Immigration. The Canadian spouse visa is a Permanent Resident visa unlike other types of visa, which are Temporary ones. Thai citizens who are married to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents are qualified to apply for the Canadian spouse visa. Those granted the visa would be able to live and work in Canada. The applicants for this type of visa must be sponsored by their spouses. Application for sponsorship may be done whether the individual being petitioned is living inside or outside Canada.


To be able to sponsor for Canadian Spouse Visa application in Thailand, you must:

be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada
be 18 years of age or older
be willing to sign a written agreement with the Government of Canada or Quebec
able to provide for the basic requirements of his/her spouse for a prescribed time
not be bankrupt, in prison, charged with a serious offense
not be charged with a criminal offense, defaulted on a court-ordered support order
not under a removal order (if a permanent resident)

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