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Thai Video Teacher: Learn Thai using your iPhone. (Bangkok)

Hi there,

I moved to Thailand 7 months ago and wanted to learn some Thai. Having an iPhone, I looked for different Apps - and believe me there are a lot of them.

However, I noticed that none of them used video - which I found strange, since (for me at least), I think it is a huge advantage to be able to watch "the movement of the lips" when pronouncing a Thai word or sentence. Furthermore, I found the Apps I downloaded extremely boring to use and learn from.

Being and working in the IT business, I therefore decided to build and entire new application for people who would like to learn Thai language.

The App is now finally done after 4 months in hard work and can be found in the App Store. Besides having more than Protected content Quality video clips, it also includes a fun game and the ability to do a fast search for any word or phrase.

The App can be very useful, since it does not require any internet connection - so you can e.g. learn some Thai when you are on the plane travelling. Furthermore, it can be used as a personal language guide, if you one day travel outside Bangkok and end up a place, where nobody speaks Thai.

The current version is 2.99 USD - but we will also soon be launching a Free version, that is fully working, but includes ads.

You can see more on our Facebook page about the App:

Protected content

or.... here...

Protected content

You can find the App in the App Store, by searching for "Thai Video Teacher"

I hope you enjoy the App and it helps you learn some Thai. I have certainly learnt a lot, from developing and using it.

If you can think of new ways of improving the App, then please let me know.

Take care.


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