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Where to buy HQ foamcore boards in BKK? (Bangkok)

Hi, I'm calling out to the architects out there... or anyone else into small-sale models making.

I am (a bit desperately) looking to buy some high-quality, foam-core boards for some hobby I have (check Protected content for more information on the material I'm talking about).

B2S and a couple Thai websites I found only store basic foam boards (not god for my use, they cannot be bent and break quite easily); OfficeMate has nothing close. Yet I have seen some small-scale models around (e.g. condominiums small-scale models...) obviously made from foamcore so the stuff must be around here.

I have thought about importing some from China but not convenient since it takes a LOT of volume...

Would anyone have any recommendation on where to look for it in Bangkok?

Thanks in advance

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