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Teammates Needed to start an English school (Beijing)

Having studied, lived and worked in Beijing altogether for nearly 7 years, I am planning to leave for my hometown Ma’anshan (马鞍山),60km west of Nanjing, in Anhui province to start an English center. The basic idea is to introduce foreign teachers to the local English education, in order to improve the general, especially the oral English of the students, and provide the foreign teachers an engaged and vivid life in a more Chinese city and gain an in-depth and original view about China. In more ambitious words, the English center would like to become the education and culture center in Ma'anshan and promote the cultural exchange between Ma’anshan and other cities as well as countries. An English bookshop/library, summer/winter travel abroad, foreign volunteers program, a French center are some of the projects for this aim.

Considering the local market, the center may start with English for preschool kids Protected content old) and primary school students Protected content old). However, the next 3 months or so will be spent on market research in Beijing,Ma’anshan,Nanjing,Wuhu and writing a comprehensive business plan.

If you have:
1) English teaching experience in China (preferably to kids and with curriculum/materials designing experience),
2) An open and honest personality,

and at least 2 of the following:
3) Management experience
4) Passion to make some change of the English education of a Chinese city,
5) Curiosity to explore a little-known but charming corner by the Yangtze River,
6) Courage to create and live a different life in an unfamiliar but friendly environment,

Please contact me for further discussion. I would appreciate it if you could include your resume and a cover letter in your email. Thank you!

For more info about Anhui Province and Ma'anshan City please refer to Protected content and Protected content .

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