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Are you a Kleinunternehmer? (Berlin)

I am desperately trying to build a reliable scenario for estabilishing a (very) small business in Germany, which seems to have a terribly complicated regulation.
Hereis the state of the art of my learnings, maybe some of you has some direct experience that could help me at finding out whether I am right.

1. As Kleinunternehmer <17.500 euros I shoud have not VAT on my invoices, right?
2. I shoud pay every taxes on my incomes (excluding the ab. 8.500 euro no-tax-area), right?
3. I should pay monthly for a health insurance, right?
4. I should keep a basic accountability and possibly have some other minor incumbencies (Handeskammer etc) - that's all, right?
5. Social security and perhaps also unemployment assuance are not compulsory for Kleinunternehmer.

Is that right? Maybe you can also tell me approximately how much I should expect to pay in taxes + health policy for a small biz (17.500 /year).

Thank you very very very much for yuor help!!!

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