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Berlin-Based English Language Tutor Available

Hello all,

I get that most of us that are Berlin implants are probably trying to get a grasp on German (I definitely am!), but there are lots of reasons to brush up on your English skills as well. Considering how international of a city Berlin has become, English is certainly one of the dominating languages used whether it be in the workplace or among other fellow expats. Maybe a few of you are also gearing up for a move to an English-speaking country. Whatever it might be, I can help out.

A bit about me: I am an American that has been living in Berlin for just over a year now. I am a freelance video producer by trade, but have often tutored English on the side and in between projects. I specialize in conversational English because in my opinion as adults, it is more important to know what an idiom is over an adverb (although adverbs are also important!).

So, please if you have any questions then feel free to message me privately or respond to the post below. I am always more than happy to have an initial meeting to "break the ice" and make sure I understand your needs and expectations as a pupil.

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