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Does a Blue Card holder spouse need a work permit? (Berlin)

I am hoping someone out there has been in my same position and can help clear up all of the very conflicting information out there!

I am currently living in Berlin on a residence permit and my husband has a Blue Card. I have recently signed an employment contract (full time at a GmbH) and am wondering if I need to acquire a work permit or not?

The info I have found online suggests that I can start working immediately because my Aufenhaltstitel says 'Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet'. What I'm unsure about is whether I need to go through the work permit process *before* I begin working. I am hoping this means I can start my job without having to wait for a visa...

Has anyone else had experience with this? The LABO is understandably backed up right now with all of the refugees - the visa lady my company hooked me up with says it could take up to 12 WEEKS for my visa to be fully approved! I do not want to wait that long to start work, if I can help it.

Any information is very much appreciated!

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