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English/French Speaking Baby-Sitter (Berlin)

Hello there!
I am a 22 year old woman and a native New Yorker. I have recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in Gender Studies after attending college in New York and am now studying German here in Berlin.

This summer I worked at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, where I coached a band of 11 year old girls and was responsible for another group of 8 year old girls. The camp's mission is to teach young women, aged 8 to 18, music in an environment that is accessible, non-discriminatory on the basis of sexuality, gender, race, class, etc., and based on consensus and the ethic of doing it yourself (DIY).

During school I had also cared for two young elementary school-aged children who lived near my campus for 2 years.

I speak English as my first language and secondly French and am getting along with my conversational German at the moment, but I'll hopefully be more proficient soon! I also play the drums and piano and I also dabble with visual arts here and there.

If you'd like any references or to see my resumé, please let me know!

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