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Internship opportunity in the IT sector (Berlin)

Are you ready to be part of a story were you are the hero and you can express your hidden potentialities? So join us. We are looking for a Country Manager, proactive and willing to challenge him/herself trying to build a new way of managing the IT recruitment process. Able to lead an innovative start-up in the storm of the market place. The internship will strength the skills of the resource giving you the possibility to become a non-conventional professional. For you the possibility to handle the positioning and growth of the company, obviously with the help of the management, will rise yours competencies and value.

Description of Superum company

Superum is a young, dynamic and innovative company Lithuania-based, engaged in several fields related to the Information Technology sector. Its mission is to create disruptive and sustainable innovation products backed by technology in the following fields:
• Hi-Tech
• Analytics
• Healthcare
• Information Technology
• Human Resources
• Law

One of the latest project of Superum company is the ITJOBSCO web site ( Protected content ). It is an innovative portal of job finding exclusively in the Information Technology sector.

Required goals.

In showing your potentialities you will launch the activities in Germany, with the aim to conquer market share and find companies operating or related to the IT sector, willing to use the ITJOBSCO portal.


You will manage the relations with the costumers and the strategic partners of the ITSOBSCO web site in Germany, you will perform also all the duties required in the attempt to gain market share. The main responsibilities you will have:
• Acquire new companies operating both in the IT sector as well as companies acting in the same and related business field
• Attract skilled IT job-seekers in using the portal
• Implement the use of ITJOBSCO through advertising on social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
• Business trips
• Create marketing materials for that market (as banner, presentations in PDF and Power Point)
• Prepare participation and attend to industry events

Expected qualities.

• IT skilled background with a good knowledge about start-ups
• Previous experience in the HR field (not strictly related to the recruitment process for companies, also in wider way as volunteers recruitment or waiters too)
• Be fluent in English
• Have perfect organizational skills, coupled with speed in the implementation of the projects
• Be a proactive person, with an high sense of initiative and able to motivate the team group
• Have perfect conversational skills
• Creative, with a deep/good knowledge of the country and the business operations in Germany and perfect in his/her mother language

Superum offers.

Superum is a non-conventional company and for this reason it offers you extraordinary chances. Enjoying us you will reach several opportunities as:
• Unique opportunities to work on interesting global projects
• the possibility to enlarge your horizon
• to work in a context out of the ordinary
• No Dress Code - Choose your favorite - be yourself
• No Stress Environment
• Tolerance towards people of different nationality, religion, orientation etc.
• Opportunity to learn from others
• Opportunity to coach juniors and noobs
• Celebrations and cozy parties
• Free Coffee, Tea, Juices
• Sometimes Freshly made Hot Bakery, Fruits
• We focus on innovative technologies 3D printing, Drones, New disrupting business models, Social Innovations, Beacons, Wearables, A.I., Robotics etc.
• We operate in most powerful and prospective business sectors: IT, HR, Healthcare, Finance, Law, Gaming etc
• We use Agile Development
• We let work on multiple projects
• a young environment where is easy to express all the potentialities you have
• a flexible working time helping to achieve work / life balance
• Career opportunities

What we also offer you is a building experience were you will strength yours skills and the chance to be hired if you achieve the required goals.

Do not hesitate, contact us or visite our web site Protected content !

We will be glad to receive your resume to the following e-mail address Protected content highlighting the reference “Country Manager Internship”.

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