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Jobs for Expats (Berlin)

I'm a Canadian IT professional with many years of experience, primaraly in Project Management, Service Desk management and implementations. I'm looking into the possibility of relocating to Germany. I've been taking German classes for a year and a half now (Level B1). I understand that as Canadian I can simple go to Germany and look for a job there and if I get an offer just change my status but I was more interested in relocating there with an offer already in hand. The problem I have run into is that most of the companies I have applied for, they have responded positively in regards of my resume but they require me to have a work permit; but in order to have that, the consulate indicated I must have a job offer. Does anyone have gone through the same process? I was also told to find a relocation agent in order to assist me with getting a job offer, have anyone done it? if yes, do you know any reputable agents?. I would really appreciate any good information and tips you can provide me with, websites, contacts, etc.
Thank you very much in advance for your reponses and help.

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