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Need Guitar Lessons? (Berlin)

I am a 27 year old male from London who has been playing guitar for 20 years.

I have worked and performed for groups and artists in various formats, playing in large ensembles in locations across Germany, Italy and Czech Republic, touring through England as part of a jazz quartet, playing at English festivals and even recently performing for a singer in Vietnam.

As well as possessing over 10 years of experience in teaching acoustic guitar, I have a BA(Hons) degree in Music Production, a grade 8 Classical Guitar certificate and have also managed Europe's leading acoustic guitar specialist in London. I have extensive knowledge on the value and suitability of these instruments and offer a free advisory for purchasing guitars with each of my students.

I am able to teach you a variety of different styles to levels that span from beginners up to advanced.

My main objective is to get you playing what you want to be playing, even if that means bypassing earlier stages in order to get you there. However, if you want a gradual step by step guide to the basics of playing the instrument then I can assist you to the full extent of my ability.

Lesson cost is available on contact. (Please note that prices can be reduced when lessons are booked in bulk)

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