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Asian spices for sale (Bogotá)

Hi to all . 
We have been transferred to Scotland.  And unfortunately I can't bring in my container any type of food into the UK.  Im selling all my beloved Asian spices. I would like to  mention that all the spices I'm selling  have been brought from the middle East, UK and the USA.  So they are authentic .

Indian Spices

Chili powder Protected content .
coriander powder 1.100 kg
Maggi coconut powder 1.500 kg
Tikka masala paste two jars of Protected content
Tandori paste jar of Protected content
Garam masala (powder Protected content
Turmeric powder 200grs
Jaffna Curry powder Protected content
Chicken Maggi cubes 19 units
Vegetarian Masala maggi cubes 10 units
Green Chili (frozen Protected content
Sriracha (kikkoman Protected content
Meat masala box of 100grs
Ginger powder 100grs
Curry leaves dried 100grs
Ground cloves jar of 43 grs
Sri lankan Samba rice 7.500 kg

The price for all this 120.000 COP

THAI spices
Mae Ploy Red, Yellow and Green Curry paste Protected content each
Fish Sauce (Squid brand)
Chinese five spices jar of 50 gr
Satay seasoning mix 100gr
Pure Sesame oil Protected content
Dried Kaffir lime leaves 25gr
Kaffir lime leaves Frozen Protected content
Red Thai chili Frozen 350gr
All this for 70.000 COP

Chulula hot sauce 360ml
100% natural organic Agave Nectar 500gr
Smoked Tabasco Chipotle 120ml
All for 30.000 COP

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