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Spa Massage Therapist (Bogotá)

Spa/Beautician offering customized professional services in the comfort of your own home or another location of your choice!

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: This is a type of massage that concentrates on deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. This type of massages used to treat a variety of physical ailments and eliminate stress and tension.

Protected content - COP70,000 / 90 mins COP90,000

SLIMMING MASSAGE: Appropriate pressing and energetic massaging of the fatty tissue leads to breaking fat cells, and to the acceleration of their burning process.

Protected content COP60,000

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: This is a special, quite superficial massaging method. It relates only to the skin and tissues located under the skin. It allows removing edema and also recommended as the general procedure, improving health condition and comfort.

Protected content - COP70,000 / 90 mins COP90,000

RELAXING MASSAGE: Relaxing massage has a restorative and calming effect on the entire nervous system revives the body and mind, improves sleep, increases joint mobility, and restores the self-regulation mechanism of body and mind.

Protected content - COP90,000

DETOXIFYING BODY WRAP: ALGAE Wrap treatments detoxify and deep cleanse the body inside and out. A comforting wrap and treated to a scalp and feet massage. Good to ease the pains of rheumatism, arthritis, and fatigue, decongest and stimulate the body s systems, and to reduce fluid retention.

CHOCOLATE BODY WRAP: Chocolate has wide therapeutic properties that are guaranteed to elevate your mood and senses. These wraps would help your skin to soak up all the natural goodness of chocolate making your skin supple and moisturized.

Protected content - COP120,000

HOT STONE MASSAGE: The heat from the stones helps your most tense muscles relax because a massage therapist can manipulate deep tissue more effectively. Reach on trigger points in your body and heat penetrates into body tissues. This causes your blood vessels to open up, resulting in improved circulation.

Protected content - COP70,000 / 90 mins COP90,000

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