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Spanish Conversation Help/LanguageXchange Wanted! (Bogotá)

Hello there,

I would like to find somebody who is willing to a language exchange. I speak decent spanish but I really would like to get even better, with speaking as well as listening comprehension. I would like to meet up with someone for a beer or coffee where we could speak for an hour or so in only spanish and have a conversation and you could correct my pronunciation or grammar if needed. Basically, I can say most things I want to say, I just want to go to the next level. My goal is to be fluent eventually. Also, I could do the same thing for you with your English.

Basically, my interests include business, history, and learning new things. So to sit down with someone else and talk about similiar interests would be great.

If you don´t want to do an exchange but you are willing to do it for a fee, i would be open to that too!

Send me a message on internations or you can just contact me by email at Protected content



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