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Anyone looking for a housekeeper/nanny? (Brussels)

We have a wonderful housekeeper and nanny that we'd like to keep with us in Brussels after having worked for us in another country for two years. Only glitch is that she's a foreigner and therefore require a work permit and visa in order to work in Brussels. Our ideal situation would be to find someone to share her with (someone with diplomatic status who could easily sponsor her work visa) where she would work for you one or two days a week and possibly some evenings babysitting, and for us the rest of the time, as well as having room & board with us.

In our previous country we were give diplomatic status to hire a foreigner worker easily, but it's not the same in Brussels so we are very nervous to lose this amazing woman and our children's favourite nanny! She is an excellent all around employee. The most thorough, trustworthy, and competent person we've ever had cleaning our house and taking care of our kids. She does not speak English, FYI, only French.

Please send me a message if you want more information or are interested.

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