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babysiting (Brussels)

Hi everybody
I am francesco, an italian researcher expert in labour and eu law.

Im asking you guys becuase my girlfriend has just moved here in brussels from portugal. she was a theater producer, having worked for 7 years in a small but very famous theater copany in lisbon, and now she is in brussels looking for stgh...

Due to the fact she doesn't speak french yet i would like to ask you two info:

1) is there a good and cheap course starting during the summer? (all the schools provide courses just from sept to june)

2) very important, is anybody in need of a babysitter native portuguese speaker??
We think that babysitting for portuguese families (i know there are many of them here) could be a good start in the meantime we dont find stgh important...

I will be really greatful with anybody can give me an help/suggestion

thank you in advance
kind regards

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