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In MBA, Master or simply interested in business? (Brussels)

Dear all,

This concerns you if you are interested in business literature.
I am selling some of my books from my Masters in Solvay which is half the price of Amazon and in an excellent condition. However, they take up too much living space in my small flat so I am declutering (at least for now, I am sure books will start piling up soon again here). Please have a look at this link and send me a direct message if you are interested in some of them in order to arrange the practicalities.

The following books are at 40 €
1) Project Management: A managerial Approach Protected content
2) Managing across culture, Schneider Protected content
3) The economics of Microfinance, Armendariz Protected content
4) Business Ethics, a Managerial approach, Wicks, Freeman & al. Protected content
5) Business Ethics, Concepts & Cases, Velasquez Protected content
6) From Local Champions to Global Masters, Verdin, Van Hecke Protected content

This list is at 20€:
7) The handbook of global Outsourcing and Offshoring, Oshri, Kotlarsky, Willcocks Protected content
8) Smarter Outsourcing, Bravard, Morgan Protected content
9) Dragons at your door, Zeng, Williamson Protected content
10) The adventures of an IT leader, Austin, Nolan, O Donnell Protected content
11) Essentials of Organizational behavior, St. Robbins Protected content
12) Entreprise 2.0, Andrew Mc Afee Protected content
13) Open Innovation, Chesbrough Protected content
14) Thomas L. Friedman, Hot, Flat & Crowded H. Protected content
15) Organizations don’t tweet, people do, Semple E. Protected content

let me know

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