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Learning French is just a piece of cake! (Brussels)

Do you / your partner/ children / friend / boss want / have to learn / brush up your French? Let's make learning French enjoyable for children and adults alike, then It does not take long to reach a level where you can communicate in French! I am an experienced mother tongue professor teaching at Brussels Free University (ULB) with an international background (previous working experience at top-ranked Universities in Italy, China and Belgium) giving tailored-made classes for children, teens, students and adults (diplomats, businessmen, busy or wired moms welcomed!) alike, and providing any kind of support from home schooling to daily life and professional purposes, including translation.
Up to you to switch boring classes for the pleasure of learning a beautiful, rich, melodious language, often called the language of love - but also an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical thinking, which is a valuable skill for discussions and negotiations.. A bientôt!

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