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Looking to rehome my two dogs (Brussels)

Hello all,

I have two 3 year old large dogs that I am considering rehoming. I got them as part of a long term relationship (4 yrs) that dissolved about a year ago. Unfortunately I am a young professional, striving for promotions, trainings, and working across Europe in our various offices. I feel that I'm being unfair to the dogs doing 12 hour days, living in the city, and then trips away.

With that said though, I love them to death, and they are wonderful dogs, so I'm not looking to 'get rid of them' rather accept that someone else might be able to give them a better home then I.

One is a female weimaraner (3 yrs old) at 65 lbs. Typical weimaraner. The most owner focused dog I have ever had. Ideal for someone who wants a companion 24/7 that is completely in love with them. Extremely athletic, full AKC papers. Absolutely stunning. Not fixed.

Second is a 3 yrd old lab mix fixed. Typical lab. LOVES everyone and everything. Very athletic and intelligent, great swimmer. 70lbs. He is very low maintenance. Loves to play, but really takes whatever you will give him and is happy. Could really live with just about any sort of family or home situation so long as he gets his daily love session.

Both have been personally obediance trained by me and are very well behaved. Trained both on and off leash. Both are cat friendly (raised since pups) and dog socialized every day.

If you are interested, ideally in both, but either. Please reach me via email as I have lots of photos. Obviously not looking for any costs, only interested in them receiving the best home possible.

Best Regards,


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