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new career prospects (Brussels)

Hello everyone. In short, I will change my residence to Brussels. I am architect by profession and I am in search of new career opportunities, both to perform the functions of architect, as in other areas where my profile would be of interest. With a brilliant CV, I have 10 years experience as director of my own architecture with many goals accomplished.
I speak 4 languages ​​(French, English, Portuguese and Spanish). I have an enormous ability to adapt, to interact with other cultures and to quickly find connecting links through which I can coordinate and / or collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and multicultural.
10 years in charge of directing and coordinating highly skilled teams of different nationalities and led to a largely international audience as well. I've spent years working for clients of all nationalities (English, Dutch, Australians, French, American, Canadian, Russian, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc, etc.). This work I have developed through the integrated management of the orders that I do, that is, customers have total confidence in my work, from management / relationship with the institutions, agencies, etc., Design and project planning search for agents involved, choosing between offers, technical direction of work, etc., etc. To do so, I made contact with many different materials companies from different countries, when requested products is a special character or known to the client and wanted to introduce into their work. All this enormous task of management has been fundamental to the work to print the character demanded by customers who wanted to transfer the comfort or some customs from their places of origin to a new area, of course prevail while the characteristics of insertion site.
So for me to take this challenge of change of residence, I very much affordable and also from the standpoint of emotional and personal, which I think is fundamental. This adaptability that I explained, is attached to a character based on ease of contact with others, empathy, genuine easy to understand each other without judging, absorbing the information necessary to provide treatment in relation to their expectations and needs. I have also done work and commercial Marketing of my own office, which led me to this high level of impact between very different types of customers.
My higher education studies also enables me to understand complex processes and implementation. The statement of purpose and achievement of goals are the basis of my work. My professional experience versatile, has given me great flexibility and resources to undertake various professional challenges.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested, or in the same way if you know who might be interested.

Thanks and regards

Ventura Morón Carrillo

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