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Prostate health for men (Brussels)

It may come as a surprise to read about a similar topic on this forum but prostate dis-ease has become a big business. And you can do something about it by getting regular massage of that gland.

I have been coaching men, women and couples for more than 8 years now about sexuality and how to keep a healthy level of life force energy (this is also your sexual energy) to stay energized, healthy and in balance.

Regular prostate massage reduces stress and restore calmness in the body. It will open the way to intimacy again with yourself and your partner. Every business men should have them regularly!

Of course I recommend it to every man. But you should judge for yourselves.
I also help men to overcome pre mature ejaculation and other challenges in that department.

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I do not offer sexual services, I do not take off my clothes. I offer to coach you on your own personal journey towards a deeper personal sensual life and I use massage to help you on your way.

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