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psychosynthesis psychotherapy (Brussels)


Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
Do you feel your life is incomplete? Do you ever think about who you really are, what is important in life and what is your goal in life? Are you in a crisis? Do you have problems in your relationship? Do you feel that others direct your own life? Are you bored at your job because it is not challenging anymore? Or do you escape into working? Can’t you find a way to relax? Do you live in the present or do you always look ahead or back in time? Are there things that can make you happy or have you got a burn-out? Is it difficult to breathe? Do you at all pay attention to your breath? Would you like to find your own path, your calling in life?
People I work with search the answer to similar question.
The main goal of my work has been to help clients acquire consciousness and a deep knowledge of their inner selves. Among other things I am eager to help people become in balance with their own Selves and with their environment, help them develop a certain courage to exist with an open heart, to be able to look at the beauties of life, to learn from difficulties, to embrace the past, to regard life as a gift, and to live in the present.
I work with the body, the feelings, the mind and the soul. My work is motivated by love and by the belief that we all have the potentials to live a fuller and more harmonious life.
I am Hungarian, finished my studies at the Psychosynthesis Institute in Amsterdam, where I lived 6 years. For the last 5 years I have been living in Brussels where I have my practice.

Monika Branat
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