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Don't get yourself stuck behind the 8-ball (Budapest)

Don't get yourself stuck behind the 8-ball for lack of planning.

Now that you are living abroad, it's quite easy to forget you need to keep planning for what you will need for retirement. If you think the money you have contributed to the state will see you through get used to the thought of working until you die or living off of tins of cat food because this is the grim reality you will be living with if you don't start doing something today...god forbid something happens to you making it impossible for you to work as well.

Luckily when you are living abroad you are allowed access to environments which in the past have been available to only the sports stars, socialites, and other mega-rich.

Savings plans in the British Crown Dependencies like the Isle of Man offer all foreigners living abroad the chance to save and invest tax-free in what are considered the worlds safest investment environments.

Please contact me if you wish to hear more about building a plan to ensure you have enough to see you through a comfortable retirement!

-Liam Crow
Capital Growth Solutions

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