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Athletes Dream in Argentina (Buenos Aires)

SUBJECT: AD Life, Protected content

Dear All,

I am embarking on a new venture recruiting students aged between Protected content are good or have potential in sport for the US College (University) system. This could enable them to play their sport and study in the US, potentially reaching professional standards. There are a wide range of scholarships available for students both through sport and academic achievement. In return, they want me to assess, train and help the student reach the standard required by colleges offering the scholarship. .

There is a wide variety of Sports (NCAA) - Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis, Volleyball Field Hockey, and many more. I would appreciate it if you could spread out the word at your school or other contacts of the any other schools that may be interested in hearing about AD.

Athletes Dream (AD Life) is a South Australian and Florida based Student/Athlete Recruitment Company and commenced business operations in Protected content . To date, we have saved students and their families an estimated US$2.4m in American scholarship fees.

We successfully work with over Protected content in North America. AD provides qualifying academic students and student athletes with access to the North American College Scholarship System. Pursuing a college scholarship in North America is a significant and life changing decision for students and families. AD has effectively and professionally handled this process and continues to rely on our considerable expertise and strong relationships with School Career Councilors in North America.

When a student joins the AD family, they join for life. Each student is provided with their own unique AD number, forever identifying them within the AD Alumni. We believe the knowledge and experience gained by our successful students will greatly benefit them personally and professionally in the future.

AD is rapidly building successful relationships with Private Schools across Australia and specifically International Baccalaureate Schools throughout Asia. I would welcome the opportunity to arrange a Skype video call with you or a nominated staff member and an AD staff member to discuss in greater detail the benefits of AD services for your school community.

We are happy to organise seminars to interested teachers/students/parents to be conducted on school grounds by arrangement. In the meantime please visit our website Protected content or Facebook Protected content for further information about AD.

We would appreciate your views or any questions you may have on our proposed support programme.

Yours Faithfully,

James Marlor | College Liaison Officer

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