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Employment in Cameroon

Work Permits for Cameroon

To be granted a work permit for Cameroon, workers from overseas must provide the Cameroonian embassy with a completed application form and a thoroughly detailed description of the job in view, addressed to the Minister for Labor and Social Security. The application form can be obtained from the embassy.

The foreigner must also provide six copies of a Cameroonian contract of employment that have all been signed and dated by both the employer and employee, along with a detailed description of the job at hand. These pieces of evidence must be handed in as well as an up to date CV — complete with original copies of any qualifications and certificates mentioned in the CV, an official medical certificate that is dated no more than three months previously and a police certified criminal record.

The company in Cameroon must provide the ministry with a detailed chart stating the names and addresses of all the managers, executives and the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. In addition to this, the company must show a summary of all their business activities and accounts, dating back one year.

Job Hunting in Cameroon

One of the most advantageous ways for foreigners to find a job in Cameroon is to search online. There are a number of job listings websites that advertise foreigner friendly vacancies in a wide selection of industries. Ever-Jobs Cameroon is one of the most popular job portals for expats. This website, as well as Learn4good has a very varied range of jobs available for all levels of skill sets and abilities. These websites are in English and highly user friendly.

Another good way for foreigners to find work is to browse local newspapers such as the African Post; this paper is distributed nationally and has a regularly updated classified advertising section in both English and French. There are always opportunities for native English speakers to teach the language in Cameroon. English speakers from around the world can find suitable vacancies (some of which may be voluntary positions) by browsing websites such as The ESL Job Centre for vacancies in Cameroon.

Taxation in Cameroon

All individual residents of Cameroon are eligible to pay tax on their income; this includes foreigners living on a residence visa or work permit for any amount of time over 183 days. The income tax in Cameroon is charged on a gradual progressive scale, from a minimum of 11% to a maximum amount 38.5%, which is applied to incomes of 5 million Cameroonian francs or more per month. Anyone earning less than 62,000 XAF per month is not liable to pay any tax.

Cameroon uses a Pay as You Earn (PAYE) system, and income tax is deducted by employers. As well as wages, profits made from business investments, rent and inheritance are liable to be taxed. Cameroonian residents are charged tax on income accrued both at home and overseas. Earners who have resided in the country for less than 183 days are charged a flat rate and are only charged on income gained in Cameroon.

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  • Antoine Mariaux

    Finding the right international schoolsin Yaoundé for our children was much easier when we had the InterNations network to help us.

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