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  • Antoine Mariaux

    Finding the right international schoolsin Yaoundé for our children was much easier when we had the InterNations network to help us.

Relocating to Yaoundé

About Yaoundé

As the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé is a diverse and beautiful international city spread over 7 hills. In 2012 the city had 2.4 million inhabitants, being therefore the second largest city in Cameroon after including an international community of expats. Yaoundé is situated 750 meters above sea level, in lush green surroundings.

The city is made up of 40% Christians, 20% Muslims and 40% indigenous religions. Though Cameroonians may speak one of the many tribal languages, in a big city like Yaoundé, it is often in addition to English or French — the country’s two official languages.

Expats moving to Yaoundé, who speak both French and English, will find all sorts of employment open to them, particularly in the international sector.

Visas for Cameroon

Expats should not find it difficult to get a visa for Cameroon as long as they apply for it at least two weeks before moving to the country. A list of Cameroon embassies and consulates can be found online.

Expats applying in person should bring 2 passport sized photographs, signed application forms, original passport that has at least 6 months of validity, a copy of vaccination certificate (proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever) and the visa fee in cash, for the appointment.

Cost for a long term visa of three to six months varies depending on the country and will also include a small application fee. People who do not live near an embassy can apply via mail. The address can be found on the embassy´s website. For long term visas, it is necessary to also supply a legalized invitation letter, a certificate of accommodation and proof of sufficient financial resources to stay in Cameroon. It is best to contact the embassy first to make sure of the requirements for your visa.

The Climate in Yaoundé

Yaoundé has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons and the temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. They average around 25°C through January to December with a record high of 36°C and record low of 15°C.

Though the weather between July and August is relatively dry, the wet season lasts ten months between February and November. Yaoundé enjoys the warmest and driest weather in March, the month when the city and its vibrant culture come alive. The coolest month is July.

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  • Antoine Mariaux

    Finding the right international schoolsin Yaoundé for our children was much easier when we had the InterNations network to help us.

  • Amanda Miller

    As I moved to Yaounde for work, InterNations has helped me make friends outside of the office.

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