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German girl looking for a job (Cancún)

Hi everybody,

my name is Steffi, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Germany. I visited Cancun twice last year and fell in love with the city, the culture, the weather and the people. At the moment I'm training to become an industrial clerk but will be finished by the 20th of January.

After that I really wanna move to Cancun but I have no clue where I should start looking for a job. German is of course my native language, but I also speak English fluently and basic/advanced spanish... which is pretty hard to tell because I understand even more complicated written things pretty good... but talking and understanding in conversations are still a little hard for me.

Has anyone of you any idea where I could find a job although my spanish isn't that good at the moment?

I would be pleased if you could help me and give me some ideas.

Thank you! :)

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