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SMM (Looking for Eng/Fra/Ger Teacher) *Updated* (Cancún)


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FB / Twitter: Swordz Mexicana Maestros


Who we are
We are a small company with up to 5 employees but with many external collaborators. Our services differ from the services of other schools. We are very flexible when it comes to the place where we teach (we teach in our classroom, at the clients’ home, in company offices, public spaces or even through skype), while trying to keep the lowest price with maximum quality. We adjust fully to clients’ needs, no matter if they need to get prepared for a TOEFL, a stay in a foreign country, job interview or even specialized language for example for the hotel business etc. We also teach clients with special abilities, no matter if they are children or adults. Many of our clients are students who came from other big language schools looking for a different approach and teaching methods.

There are two ways you can collaborate with us
full time, the testing period is 3 months
part time, the testing period is 6 months (it is really all about the spent hours).

Salary conditions

Full time position – 500USD, including housing (no bonuses)
Part time position – 350USD, excluding housing Protected content % from classes (e.g. 4 individual classes daily equals 24 classes/week, which would be around Protected content
Part time position – 280USD, including housing Protected content % from classes
A full time position will include 8 working hours from Monday to Saturday, where you would have to teach, help find new students, help with translations and proofreading texts, prepare material for students. For a part time position you would be working 4 hours from Monday to Saturday, flexible working time. Some days you might be working 5 hours and some days maybe just 2, it all depends on the availability of the customer but don’t worry, we will try to adapt the schedule in a way that it is suitable for you and the customer, no matter if you choose a full time or a part time position. Of course, you should also be available to teach at various locations, like our classroom, the customer’s home or office, or any other place that is convenient for the both of you, but we will take notice of the customer’s demands. You should be comfortable with teaching individuals and groups.


Flexible working hours – you will be working Protected content daily, depending on whether you choose a full or part time position. Flexibility means, that sometimes you might be working in the morning 3 hours and in the evening 5, depending on the classes and the workload. We are open from 7a.m. to 9p.m, from Monday to Saturday so the hours will be distributed within this schedule.
You will be living in beautiful Cancun, getting to know it and enjoying its atmosphere and attractions.
This job is great for people from foreign countries, who have great language skills and who need a quick solution for living and transportation. We will provide you with a company scooter, if required by you. Of course, a Mexican driver’s license is a must, but if you have a foreign license it is quite easy. You just need to bring your passport, your Mexican ID from migration, your driver’s license and a proof of address, meaning electricity, water or internet bill.
After 1 or 2 great years you will get used to the Mexican way, with help to get around and with documents if needed in the beginning, you will gain a lot of experience and learn a lot about the culture
If you do not have a Mexican working permit, we will help you get it. The cost of the work permit will be discounted gradually from your salary, during a one year contract. If you choose to leave sooner, you will need to pay the rest of the amount for the work permit.
We are offering company housing, it will be a little studio with a bathroom, well maintained, either in a house or in an apartment building. You can choose to have also company basic furniture like bed, plate for cooking, small fridge, ventilator, desk and chair). We have been looking for a studio, but we haven’t yet decided on which one to choose.
There are two possibilities to get paid – by honorary or receiving a regular salary. The regular salary includes payment to INFONAVIT (after some years you will have a credit with which you can buy a house and pay less for the bank credit) and social security (which entitles you to have free health care in public hospitals, but as the system is changing you will have to pay for your own medication).

Your responsibilities

Teaching English on a bilingual level, other languages like German, French, Spanish and others are most welcome, you will need to use the company IT tools to monitor your workflow
Being prepared for each class
Help with translations and proofreading
Taking part in company teambuilding and trainings
Good presentation
Keep an open conversation
New students
Knowing the characteristics and services
Taking care of company equipment
Maintaining good hygiene

Teaching and tools and skills that you will need and which are welcome
Your responsibility will be teaching English and any other language in which you are proficient. Up until now we had various clients with various needs – getting prepared for the TOEFL, for a work interview, for an au-pair stay, for a work/university exchange, vacation, intensive courses etc. You will need to be very adaptive and responsive to customers’ needs and schedules. On average we have had around Protected content students per week and classes in 2 companies more times per week and sometimes we were helping in negotiation meetings as interpreters or doing even doing city tours.
In the beginning we will go to classes together, so that you can see how we work and how we solve situations in the company. Later on you will teach the students by yourself according to the schedule. We have the right to change classes with you in order to check the student’s progress, preparation for the class and the quality of your classes.
When you start working with us, you will be assigned a company e-mail from Gmail in order to keep communication within the company. You need to get familiarized with it as you will be using it and its tools on a daily basis. You will have a google calendar, where you will be assigned classes, google drive to monitor your work progress and flow and to add any useful teaching material that you find or that you can share or we with you. You will also use its documents, sheets, slides, forms and of course, you will need to have at least basic skills in MS office (word, excel, power point etc.) and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Being prepared for classes
You will need to come prepared for every class accordingly and use grammatically correct language. We have various teaching materials that can be used (text books, grammar books, we use the internet a lot) and that we can provide you, if you have your own that is fine, just show them to us and after approving them you can use them as well. Having your own teaching style is alright, but there are some restrictions for example regarding religion and similar, as this is not part of it. Teaching children about God is the responsibility of their parents and not of the teacher. This is just an example of a situation we had with a previous employee, about which we received complaints regarding this situation. Also, you need to be comfortable with teaching people from all over the world, no matter if children, teenagers adults or seniors.

Help with translations and proofreading
Up until now we have been translating from various languages, covering different topics, like medical, engineering, IT, contracts, technical, webpages, books and many others, always depending on the client. You will be required to make translations and proofreading in your language combination. We are using the professional language program SDL Trados, which you will be trained to use. It is very useful, helping the translator to create his own vocabulary database and it helps you to keep your translations consistent. You will gain an additional 10% bonus from the total cost of the translation/proofreading, if done during your regular working hours and 30% of the translation/proofreading price when done in your time outside work. If you prefer teaching, depending on the number of students and classes we will try to fill your working hours with classes.

Taking part in company teambuilding and trainings
Under teambuilding is understood a company assembly meeting for 1 or 2 hours a day doing any activity, that is related to the company development, better collaboration, teaching techniques etc. These teambuildings are mandatory as they will help to develop our activities and improve processes.
The employee will go to mandatory trainings, which will take place outside the working hours, according to mutual consent on the time, when all involved parts will be available. On trainings you will get familiarized with programs, software, methods that will be needed for your professional development.

Every year we are renewing our marketing campaign and the employees should be present and participating in it, even though that may mean less classes during that period. The campaign consists of a photoshooting and a promotional video done by a professional photographer. We make the video on different places, as well as the photos. In order to have a better image of how it looks like you may go to our webpage or Protected content or our YouTube Channel Swordz Mexicana Maestros. When you participate in it, the photos will be automatically also yours. Your role will be to maintain the best image of the company, present our services and experience.

Keep an open conversation
A very important part is to keep an open conversation at all times. If any problems arise you need to let us know immediately so that the issue can be solved as soon as possible. It is in the interest of us, you and the customer to keep everything as transparent as possible. You will need to communicate actively and make reports about the progress of students, improve teaching methods and report any difficulties. For the protection of the company it is important that the needs of the customer are not ignored, our aim is to provide the best education to the students and we will do all we can to achieve it.

New students
Most of our new students get in touch with us and start having classes through references (mostly word-of-mouth) and our advertisement. That is why it is very important to have a good image, attitude, behavior and performance as this may decide, whether the student will recommend us or not. If a student wants to recommend someone, they can contact us directly or you can let your supervisor know, so that we can schedule classes.
You do not have to worry about the payment for the clients’ classes. The first class is a probationary class and after taking it, the student will pay directly on the company account in advance for two weeks, or if they are not able to pay in advance, they can deposit each class on the account. The official prices as stated on the webpage apply. People in poverty with need for classes will pay an adjusted price, depending on their situation. If such case arises, let your supervisor know so that he/she can advise you.

Knowing the characteristics and services
As an employee of Swordz, you will need to know the characteristics, values and services of the company, which you can find on Protected content and You will need to be able to inform your existing or potential customer about the company and about what we can offer them. You will also need to know all company webpages, profiles etc. in order to provide them whenever needed as reference. If you have any questions regarding the company, please do not hesitate to ask your supervisor.

Taking care of company equipment
The rules are very simple – if you break it, you pay it. That counts for furniture in the company housing, office, electronics, electro domestics, scooter (if you will choose to drive it) and all company property that you use. The penalty is the full price of the object in the time of buying it, which will be of course fully documented. The amount can be discounted from your salary or you can choose to pay it at once. Do not worry, if you push wrong buttons on the printer and it stops working correctly, that does not apply, but if it breaks due to a fall, then you will have to pay the full price.

Maintaining good hygiene
Maintaining a good personal hygiene and image is a must. You need to be representative and have a pleasant appearance. You will be also asked to help keeping the office spaces clean. After all, the workspace needs to have always a good atmosphere and be clean as we are working there together and we also want our students to feel comfortable.

The contract will be signed for one year with all of the benefits stated above and the position you choose (part time or full time) and all the responsibilities that are mentioned here. If you would like to leave sooner, you will need to do so with a 2-moth notice. In case the company gets into financial problems, we can cancel the collaboration with a 1 month previous notice.


This application form is for us to know what kind of working relation you would like to have with us. You just need to send us this filled in form together with your contact details to our e-mail Protected content Please choose from the following options.

Full name:
Native language:
Languages in which I have full teaching proficiency:
Translation languages:
Proofreading languages:
Current residence (city, country):

Protected content Full time position
Protected content Part time position

Salary conditions
Protected content 500USD, no bonuses, housing
Protected content 350USD Protected content % for classes, no housing
Protected content 280USD Protected content % for classes, housing

Would you like to use the company scooter?
Protected content Yes
Protected content No

Do you have a Mexican driver´s license?
Protected content Yes
Protected content No
Comments (do you have a license in your country etc.):

Do you have a work permit?
Protected content Yes
Protected content No

Do you want company housing?
Protected content Yes
Protected content No
In case of your answer being yes:
Protected content Without company furniture
Protected content With company furniture

What kind of contract do you prefer?
Protected content Paid by honorary
Protected content Paid by salary

Do you have teaching experience?
Protected content Yes
Protected content No
In case your answer being yes, please state when, where and what:

Do you have translation/proofreading experience?
Protected content Yes
Protected content No
In case your answer being yes, please state what kind of translations/proofreading you have experience with:

What are your work preferences? (You may choose more options)
Protected content Teaching languages
Protected content Translating during working hours
Protected content Translating outside working hours
Protected content Proofreading during working hours
Protected content Proofreading outside working hours

Please state any other relevant information:

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