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Retired Persons Visa for 4 years (Cape Town)

I am thinking of applying for temporary retired visa on 4 year period to avoid getting only 3 months visa in future. Do you know anyone who got temporary retired visa by new law demonstrating net worth of R1,776, Protected content 37.000*48 months) for the full 4 year eligibility ?

Because most people get their retired visa using irrevocable pension / retirement annuity/property rent of 37.000 RAND per month for the rest of life. On VFS page they say that is also possible "a minimum prescribed net worth R Protected content may include a combination of assets realising per month". That basicly means that it should be enough to have property valued around 120.000 Euros without mortgage. Property is asset just like cash, but considering complications with even extending tourist visa it would be great to hear someone else's experience.

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