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  • Ivan Dlouhy

    When I was offered a posting in Chisinau, I was skeptical at first. But this expat community made settling in so much easier.

Life in Chisinau

Healthcare in Chisinau

Whilst Moldova does has a free, public healthcare system, many expatriates living in Chisinau opt to use the private system, as the standard of care and the quality of the facilities in the public system is not in line with many other European countries. If you do wish to use the private medical system whilst living in Chisinau, you are advised to take out comprehensive medical insurance, and in some cases, be prepared to travel to another country for serious operations. As the capital city, Chisinau has some of the best pharmacies in Moldova, but it is still recommended that you take any a supply of any prescription medicine you might need whilst living in Chisinau.

Education in Chisinau

Although Moldova has a free public school system that expatriates are able to use without charge, many foreigners living in Chisinau choose to send their children to an international school instead. This is because the language of instruction in Moldovan public schools is Romanian, and the quality of teaching can very between regions. Moldova only has one international school, the QSI International School of Chisinau, which, due to the large number of expatriates living in Chisinau, is usually over-subscribed. Therefore, many expatriates living in Chisinau send their children to international schools in nearby European nations, or to schools in their home country. Chisinau is home to 12 universities, most notably Moldova State University.

Transportation in Chisinau

As the capital, Chisinau has the best public transport system of any city in Moldova. In addition to an extensive bus network, Chisinau also has trolleybuses and minibuses that run along routes throughout the city, all of which are very cheap to use. As a result, many people living in Chisinau prefer to use the public transportation system instead of driving. However, if you do wish to drive whilst living in Chisinau, you can do so using an international driving permit, without the need to acquire a Moldovan license. However, expatriates living in Chisinau should be advised that the quality of the road system deteriorates as you venture outside the city, and that traffic can be very heavy during peak hours. Chisinau also has a train station with intercity services, as well as international connections that run from Chisinau Railway Station.

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  • Ivan Dlouhy

    When I was offered a posting in Chisinau, I was skeptical at first. But this expat community made settling in so much easier.

  • Kim Demers

    My expat friends from InterNations helped me discover Moldavia's historical and cultural heritage!

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