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<Help Women empower them selves (Copenhagen)

Dear Internations members,

I currently did my attachment in Ghana Kumasi, as in bachelor of social work.
I realise the women who faces domestic violence are having problems reporting
their cases to the police, baced on my quriousity i got to understand that these group of women have no were to go as they deepen on their husbands economically they are therefore forced to live with the violence. These women are not educated or has no professional skills.

I'm therefor apealling for help to in therms of creating and institution were the women
can come and learn professions like hairdressing, dressmaking and to read and wright

I'm asking kindly of used goods like old sewing machines old close, used hair dryers or anything that you or your company thinks it will be relevant to help these group of women to empower them selves.

African women Africas future

Best regards
Amina Diasso


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