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Cost of living in Dakar

Hi! I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read through this piece.

I will be moving to Dakar in December to work for a multinational. Part of my relocation package constitutes of two months accommodation package and a driver for two months only. At the beginning of the third month the company will assist me to find accommodation but I will be responsible for the cost thereafter, although I will be given some assistance towards transportation allowance.

I would be grateful for any kind of information on the following:
• Cost of two bedroom flat in Dakar in a decent area (conservative estimate)
• Transport cost
• Energy cost (e.g. electricity, gas, water, etc)
• Monthly internet connection cost
• Average food bill

I have also been informed that personal tax (including social security contribution) in Senegal is 30% if you are married and 36% if you are not married. As a foreigner am I eligible to pay this high rate of tax including social security? Is there any other alternative for foreigners?

Finally, it would be nice to hear your experiences.....i.e. what do you think of Senegal? How much can one live on average, on a monthly basis?

Thanks and I look forward to your feedbacks.

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