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Explaining redundancy (Dubai)

How can you move on from redundancy and get your next job?

In today’s job market it is not unusual for people to be out of work due to redundancy. Within an organisation there are many internal factors that lead to the decision to make someone redundant, it is not necessarily a reflection of the employee’s ability.

- Be honest and up front

You should consider to address the redundancy in your cover letter or CV, but be brief and to the point.

If an employer wants to find out more, they will ask further questions in the interview. Remember, redundancy is not uncommon. Many employees will experience a redundancy in their careers and employers are aware that we have just come out of a financial crisis.

If you omit the fact you were made redundant, this could come back and bite you. Regardless of your situation, employers are looking for people with integrity and determination. Showing you have dealt with a redundancy, moved forward in a positive and confident manner, and made the most out of your situation can have a positive affect on an employer’s overall opinion of you and your suitability for the role.

- Use correct terminology

It is important to specify the context in which your redundancy occurred. Make it clear that it was the role that was made redundant and include whether others were also made redundant within your department.

- Put in the extra effort

To achieve your next role, take enough time to perfect your cover letter and CV. Make sure they are tailored to the specific role you are applying for. Research the employer online and practice responses to interview questions that are most likely to be asked.

Pay particular attention to your key achievements by providing strong examples of how you have added value and what you have accomplished in your previous roles. This type of detail in the role you were retrenched from will help to highlight that the decision to make you redundant was one of reluctance and not a reflection of your performance in that position.

- Be positive

Redundancy, although not ideal in most circumstances, has become a normal part in the careers of many professionals. The most important factor is how you deal with it moving forward.

Be confident and self assured that you have what it takes to be successful. This, combined with great preparation will ensure you stand out from your competition.

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