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General Manager for Yangon - Myanmar for Shipping (Dubai)

Looking for General Manager for Yangon - Myanmar for Shipping and Logistics company.

Job Description: General Manager
Location : Yangon - Myanmar
He will be responsible for developing sales, Operations, Financial, and Administration as pet business plans.
* Build & drive shipping agency business for Container carrier as per business plans.
* Identify new business and growth opportunities with customers so as to grow and expand Principal's business.
* Provide effective and quality direction to Commercial, Operations and Logistics function so as to attain higher productivity and continuously improve revenue earning.
* Always safeguard interest of Principals so as to ensure exclusivity of relationship and promote their interest.
* Lead and guide team for healthy and continuous P R with all the Port Authorities and other regulatory authorities for smooth business operations.
* Strategic positioning of the Company to offer competitive shipping and freight management services and always maintain leadership position in the country.
* Coordinating with the Principals and also ensuring a continuous high level of service to customers.
* Planning and coordinating all operations activities in all aspects of shipping services for timely delivery to customer and other stake holders.
* Undertaking continuous review and improvements of all operational processes for accuracy, regulatory and system compliance.
* Monitoring operations for continuous improvement of productivity levels resulting in continuous improvement in turnaround time.
* Drive operations budgeted plans so to remain within cost and enhance service levels.
* Confirming all shipping deadlines with respect to cut-off times for port, shipping crew requirement, customers' deliveries, etc are met.
* Ensuring implementation of special requirements with regards to principal, customer in compliance with the regulatory framework and strengthening of relationship and customer satisfaction.
Qualification & Experience

* Good base university degree with post graduate qualification in management.
* Protected content experience in handling liners vessels with around 5 years’ experience in Managerial capacity preferably with work experience in South East Asia
* Exposure to system oriented environment shall be preferred with personal attention at all times

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