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Looking for a PR or Marketing Specialist in Dubai




My name is Diamond D Grier, and I am the managing agent locally in the USA, and abroad Internationally for a new free HD Global Television Network.

We are in need of a represenative in Dubai and surrounding countries to introduce our Network by offering an exclusive Global channel on our network.

The new free Network is State of the Art in comparable to many other offering, and the distance has been slightly challenging from the USA.

Also, Our desire is for the person to be passionate/desire for Television and Radio.

What we are offering is a Satellite Position with flexibility and Light traveling.

Additionally, The person must be a socially cultural person skilled in the art of communications, and very reasonable with moderate habits.

The position/job is one in short, that after the fulfillment of the request in the location advised than you will be asked to move to another country until all International interest are fulfilled, so a lover of travel is a must.

Additionally, we will not send out no information outside of what is listed below, and please forward all resumes, Investment Interest and other of interest to:

Protected content

After all resumes have been reviewed than we will foward the selected decision alone with the contractual terms.

This offer has been extended until the Sept. 09, Protected content , following my return from Italy.

Looking forward to a fruitful journey.


Diamond D Grier

P.S. Here is the network " Protected content .

P.S. Please be advised that this is not Google TV or Apple TV.
Ovntv, is far advanced than these. Also, it is not movies clips
it is real TV, and if you come across anything similar let us know.

P.S. Membership is free, and in the next month you will be able to
download an app in which one for the Iphone 4 is available and we
are working toward all other OS for mobility.

Also, you must download silverlight in the left hand corner onto your
computer and once you sign in than you are in.

I was with one of the Pres/CEO of "Openvision" several weeks ago and he showed me on his iphone that the capability of mobility was already completed, But we are working
on "Android" because it is the new leader in phone software worldwide
and as you'll know that Android belong to Google who also own "Youtube"
and "Google TV", Respectively.

Diamond D Grier
Pres/CEO of SAN: Starving Artist Network

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