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Need advice on getting a job in UAE from Canada (Dubai)

Hi all,

I am a Canadian citizen currently living and working in Canada. I have been trying to find employment in the UAE but its proving to be exceedingly difficult. I've used online resources, job boards, and have attempted to contact recruiters who are based in the UAE. Applications to jobs from job boards either result in scams where someone contacts you to pay for a recruiting service, or I just get no response. When emailing recruiters there to even ask a simple question, not even an acknowledgement is sent back.

I've heard a mixed bag of stories - some who were successful at getting jobs from outside UAE, others who have had to stay there for at least a couple of months and apply from within.

For people who are currently working and living there, how did you get your job and do you have any advice that may help me in my search for placement in the UAE?

Many thanks

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