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What is wrong with Dubai ?

I have been here for 18 Months , I don't have a single friend here! I don't know what's wrong with people in Dubai, I am sure it is not my mistake as I lived before in 2 countries and I used to make friends easily,

here I am struggling and even when I met someone or we exchange numbers , they don't reply ..they ignore messages, coffee invites,

I think men are only interested in meeting single blonde girls, and girls I don't know what do they want :D

But yesterday for example, I had a chat with a girl and we exchanged numbers to talk over what's app, She said Hi and when I say Hi in reply she blocked me :D I am sure HI is not very offensive and I am not that Ugly :D

Are people here are struggling making friends? or what is the problem?

If you have similar experiences please share so we can learn from each other mistakes