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English friendly companies in the South of Germany (Freiburg)

Hi guys,

I'm hoping you have some good advice for me. I am currently on an assignment out here in Konstanz and I'm loving it so much that I want to stay in Germany. I'm still employed by CHG-MERIDIAN USA Corp., a commercial equipment leasing company, until the end of the year.

So now I'm looking for other job opportunities in the South-West of Germany or Nothern Switzerland. I have lots of experience in general management and leadership, project management, internal sales and systems migration, mostly in the financial services industry; but I'm very open regarding the business field.

I'm currently learning German. I'm planning to be on a B1 level by April/May of next year. So of course I'm looking for a company that's open to native English speakers, since my German won't be perfect yet.

Do you guys know of any companies like this around the Lake of Constance (Area Zurich to Ravensburg, Tuttlingen to Lindau)? Do you maybe even have personal experience with one of these companies or know somebody in a similar situation working there?

Thanks a lot guys!

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